5 Things All Professional Window Cleaners Must Have

5 Things All Professional Window Cleaners Must HavePicking up a cloth and bucket doesn’t instantly make you a window cleaner. After all, if you plan on cleaning windows professionally, it’s important to clean every single window to the same high standard.

The types of jobs you will encounter will vary depending on whether you work on residential, commercial or high rise properties.

Based on the high standards we have here at Acorn Window Cleaning, here are 5 things that all professional window cleaners must have.


No two windows are created equal in terms of their glass type, stain type and location. You must use the correct methods depending on the level of cleaning required, which requires industry knowledge to get right.

It’s not just regular window cleaning stains you have to contend with either. Professional window cleaners will be asked to do pool glass cleaning, gutter cleaning, cobweb cleaning, apply glass stain protection, post construction window cleaning and much more. All of which requires the right know-how to perfect.


If you’re not an expert window cleaner, you can soon create a bigger mess than when you started. A common mistake is using the wrong detergents to clean glass. Even the wrong squeegee technique can mean you are having to go over the same spots multiple times.

But if you’ve ever watched a window cleaner in action, every movement appears effortless as the dirt is scrubbed off the surface, and the remaining water is pushed away until the glass is left sparkling clean and dry. That’s the difference between an amatuer and a professional!


Granted, window cleaning may not be as intensely physical an episode of Bondi Rescue. But it still requires a fair bit of physical effort to get the job done to the correct standard for your clients. This includes lots of bending, twisting and lifting of equipment.

Therefore, window cleaners need to be physically fit to scale ladders and scrub windows all day long, in addition to hitting all the right angles with their tools.

If they happen to be working for a successful company like us, they’ll have to complete several window cleaning runs a day. Each run requires the same level of effort, care and attention, so there’s certainly no room for half measures!

Safety Training

Some windows also have awkward or limited access points or are located several meters off the ground. The window cleaning products themselves may also contain strong chemicals. Therefore, all aspects of window cleaning need to be undertaken with safety in mind.

We can’t speak for other window cleaning companies, but here at Acorn Window Cleaning, our window cleaners are IRATA trained. This means they have undergone extensive training that allows them to clean windows on high rise buildings, whether it’s just one floor up or 30.

Excellent Customer Service

Let us not forget that all windows have owners, who expect you to show up on time, be courteous and of course do an excellent job. Although only a small fraction of time will be spent interacting with the property owner, they must get the best impression of either you as a self-employed window cleaner or that of your company if you’re an employee.

Whatsmore, window cleaners are required to have liability insurance. Police checks may also be needed, especially if working in schools though it offers great peace of mind to have such checks completed for clients generally. Both of these elements are something we personally ensure all of our staff have here at Acorn Window Cleaning.

Professional Window Cleaning Melbourne

If none of the above rings true with your window cleaning service, or if you currently don’t have a window cleaner then you’re in the right place.

Acorn Window Cleaning has over 40 years of window cleaning experience, so rest assured we know more than anyone the importance of a professional window clean! We are currently accepting new residential and commercial clients in the Melbourne area.

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