What’s Involved In Abseil Window Cleaning?

Abseil Window CleaningWindow cleaning isn’t always a doddle. Aside from making sure you use the right tools and techniques, there’s also the practical side to windows, in that sometimes they are high up, therefore out of reach!

Rather than risk injury to yourself or others by attempting to clean your own windows, it’s far safer and easier to call in the professionals. When a window isn’t low enough to scale using a ladder, they will likely switch to abseil window cleaning instead.

Here is our guide to abseil window cleaning to tell you everything you need to know.

Abseil Window Cleaning: An Overview

Abseil window cleaning is available with us at heights between 5 and 24 storeys. How it works is that the IRATA trained individual will be attached to a harness and rope, carrying all the tools they need to clean your windows on them as they scale the building.

The practice is most commonly seen on high rise buildings, which don’t have traditional access points as a regular home would. Nor is it practical to use a ladder up such buildings, which is why a different approach is required. Abseil window cleaning involves scaling over the top or down the sides of buildings, ensuring the windows are left spotless in the process.

By fusing expert abseiling techniques with professional window cleaning knowledge, customers who use abseil window cleaning services get the best of both worlds.

IRATA Abseil Training

All window cleaners must be IRATA qualified for rope access, in order to be able to clean windows at height using abseil equipment

IRATA stands for Industrial Rope Access Trade Association. Set up in the 1980s, the group set out to create a standard for abseil use within commercial sectors. IRATA training began in the UK but is now used around the world including here in Australia.

Not all window cleaners are able to offer abseil window cleaning, as it requires specialist training and certification. However, here at Acorn, we have IRATA qualified professionals with years of experience in abseil window cleaning at your service.

The buildings we work on must have certified anchor points with annual certification required. The same will apply for any IRATA abseil window cleaner, due to the strict safety standards the process requires.

The Benefits Of Abseil Window Cleaning

As with any potentially dangerous cleaning job, it should only be handled by trained professionals. There are endless benefits of abseil window cleaning, but the main one is that it can only be carried out by knowledgeable individuals. So as a building owner, you can rest easy that the job will be completed safely. In terms of your windows, they will be left sparkling clean. Given it’s not exactly possible to clean your own high rise building windows, we think that’s a pretty good deal!

Abseil Window Cleaning Melbourne

If you require abseil window cleaning, it pays to have Melbourne’s number one cleaning company on your side. Our IRATA qualified window cleaners are ready and waiting to add your building to our growing client list.

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