The Beauty of Integral Blinds

Australia’s climate is one of the reasons many of its residents love living here. Enjoying the sun and warm winters, the cool breeze of the ocean, and wonderful mild nights on the porch are part of the Australian lifestyle.

But our continent’s climate can be challenging and extreme. We regularly deal with extreme heatwaves, gales, severe storms, rain, and even the occasional hailstorm. Our homes must thus protect us from the effects of weather and secure a comfortable space for us and our loved ones. In this post, we examine what integral blind windows are and how they can benefit the average Australian home.

What are Integral Blinds?

Integral blinds are regular Venetian blinds encased between two window panels, making them a fixed part of your window system. You can operate the closing and opening mechanism through an exterior pulling chord, a magnetic switch, or a remote control system.

This customized blind system has been around for many decades, as their practical ingenuity made its way into homes. Integral blinds are popular, especially in areas where extreme heatwaves or cold snaps create the need for double-paned windows.

The Blinding Benefits

Integral blinds are practical and effective when you often need to adjust the amount of light entering your house. Especially with the ever-changing weather specific to the Melbourne climate, having a versatile solution for your window dressings is crucial.

Some of the other advantages of installing integral blind windows in your home include:

  • You can easily control the amount of sunlight and heat getting into your home. Integral blinds contribute to your energy-saving strategy and help by simply blocking the sun’s rays.
  • When you need privacy, you can simply close the blinds.
  • You get much less dust around your windows compared to regular blinds. This can make a big difference for people with asthma, allergies, or those who want clean, fresh air in their homes.
  • The blinds are very easy to operate and don’t get tangled or damaged easily. External blinds are often bent, tangled, or broken by leaning against them or using them normally.
  • Integral blinds are safe around pets and small children, who could get hurt and even endanger themselves by handling hanging cords.

The Cost of Integral Blind Windows

Integral blinds are practical and easy to operate. However, they come at a higher price than regular grade windows as they use double-paned glass and are considered a custom window system.

When installing integral blinds for energy-saving purposes, look into added options with other energy-efficient elements. Having blinds might not be enough to block summer’s heat or keep conditioned air inside. Modern windows, however, can feature reflective films, UV blockers, or insulating gas.

All things considered, windows with integral blinds add between $150 and $300 to the cost of a window system due to their specialised nature.

Integral Integrity: Cleaning and Maintenance

Integral blind windows add many benefits to your home or office, including being energy efficient and easy to use. However, any window can only be as good as they are maintained. You can ensure that your windows perform at their best by hiring professional window cleaners. Acorn Window Cleaning is Melbourne’s premier provider of window cleaning services and we have the experience and equipment to properly care for your windows. Call us today for a free, no-obligation consultation on your window cleaning needs!

Photo Credits: Express Bi-Folding Doors