What Are The Benefits Of Commercial Window Cleaning?

What are the benefits of commercial window cleaning?The average wall contains 25% worth of window space. But given modern architecture often features lots of windows to let more light in, the chances are your commercial building is pretty window centric.

Regardless of how many windows your building has, they need to be cleaned regularly by someone who specialises in commercial cleaning. But what are the benefits of doing so for your business? Here’s everything you need to know.

Maximise Your Building’s Appearance

First impressions count for a lot. When customers approach your building, having sparkling clean windows makes a huge difference. After all, as a customer, they are probably considering if they are going to spend money with you or not. The look of your premises can be hugely influential in their decision, especially if the building appears unclean.

It’s not just commercial buildings that can benefit either, as the likes of schools and hospitals also need to be looking shipshape at all times. That way, it sets the right tone for both the public and your employees, who will greatly appreciate being in a clean environment.

Achieve A Professional Finish

There’s an art to cleaning windows. If you use the wrong tools or products then you could create a bigger mess than when you started. For example, using dishwashing liquid.

Commercial window cleaners use state of the art technology to deliver spotless windows and a streak free finish. Even your best squeegee action can’t compete with professional equipment and know-how in the form of a commercial window cleaner.

Improve Health & Safety

Cleaning your own windows (especially if working at height) isn’t advisable, due to the risk of injury. The task should never fall to your employees either, as they won’t be insured for the job. Commercial cleaners on the other hand are trained in all aspects of window cleaning.

All Acorn window cleaners are IRATA qualified for rope access too. So no matter what methods we need to employ to reach your windows, we can do so with zero risks to ourselves or you. The same can’t be said for trying your luck with a ladder and a bucket!

It’s One Less Job To Think About

Your windows need to be cleaned regularly, as dirt and pollution will build up gradually over time. The trouble is, window cleaning takes time and effort. Plus, you might not have great access to the outside of your windows, depending on the design of your building.

Any task you can outsource as a business will save you time and money in the long run, and commercial cleaning is no different. It can even be scheduled at a time that suits you to minimise any disruption to your business.

Commercial Window Cleaning Melbourne

When it comes to cleaning the windows of your commercial building, we can safely say it’s a task that’s best left to the experts. That is if you want to achieve a professional finish, with zero hassle involved.

Here at Acorn, we’re specialists in all things window cleaning. If you require window cleaning for your commercial or residential address in Melbourne, give us a call on 9118 3333. Alternatively, drop us an email with any enquiries and we’ll get back to you.