How to Deal with Hard Water Stains on Your Windows

How to Deal with Hard Water Stains on Your WindowsWe all love having large windows that let the light through and decorate our house. But large windows can drastically affect the look of your whole place if they are not sparkly clean. For some owners, window cleaning can become a pain if they have hard water.

Let’s see what hard water is, how you can solve the issues it causes, and what to use for windows that are already stained with hard water.

What Is Hard Water?

Hard water has, by definition, a high concentration of minerals. Many homeowners deal with it, depending on their water source, the state of their plumbing system, etc. Simply put, hard water is water that has too much calcium and magnesium. While these minerals are present in most water sources, they can become a nuisance when in high concentrations.

Hard water is hard to clean with, and it can impact your health as well. When you clean your house with hard water, you will notice white and yellow stains accumulating on your fixtures, appliances, and more. You can even notice it when cleaning your body because it leaves your hair dull and dries out your skin.

How to Soften Hard Water?

While changing the water source is not a feasible solution in most cases, there are solutions to soften the water you are using in your home. You can attach water filters to your faucets or install a water softener system to the main source of water. These solutions can help to remove the excess minerals from your water, leaving it balanced for normal use.

How to Clean Hard Water Stains Off Windows

As you might predict, hard water can make window cleaning hard, as any stains will show on the glass. You can notice white streaks on your windows and a cloudy, matte film on them. It goes without saying that hard water stains can be a real eyesore on any property.

To avoid getting your windows stained by hard water, you should always use pure water when cleaning your windows, as our team of window cleaning professionals here at Acorn Clean does for all of our jobs. If your windows are already stained, you can try solving it at home. Superficial, fresh stains might be removed with a water and white vinegar solution, as acidity in the vinegar will dissolve mineral deposits.

However, glass is porous and can accumulate a lot of deposits over time. Trying to remove them on your own might easily damage the glass. If you are dealing with something more than mild staining, hire a professional. Our window cleaning company, Melbourne-based Acorn Clean can solve the problem for you quickly and easily, with professional equipment and methods.

If you’re experiencing a severe problem of hard water stains on your windows, we’d be more than happy to help you with it. Contact us today to get an estimate and to schedule a window cleaning from our professional team.