What Kind of Detergent Should You Use for Window Cleaning?

What Kind of Detergent Should You Use for Window CleaningCleaning your windows doesn’t seem to be too complicated until you start noticing streaks, hard stains, and a general dull look. Windows that are not sparkly clean will affect the look of the entire house, inside and outside.

There are some tips and tricks when it comes to cleaning your windows properly. This is why your windows look so much better when a professional company handles the job. Here are some of the secrets we at Acorn Clean apply when we clean windows in Melbourne and surrounding areas.

When to Clean Your Windows?

Choosing the right day to clean the windows might not be regarded by all homeowners. This is why many homeowners often waste their time cleaning their windows on rainy days or super sunny days. Sometimes, the wind can bring a lot of dust and compromise the whole operation.

The first tip that a professional window cleaner will give you is to schedule the window cleaning for a cloudy day. If they are in direct sunlight, windows might get streaks from the detergent drying too fast.

Prepping the Windows Before Cleaning

It’s tempting to go straight into putting the detergent on the glass, but proper preparation will make window cleaning much more effective. Make sure to remove debris like spider webs, vegetal bits, and dust from the frame and the glass. Use a rag and a soft-bristle brush to do the job, but don’t scrub too hard, as you might damage the frame.

Window Cleaning Detergent

A lot of DIY tutorials recommend using dish soap to clean your windows, but it’s not the best idea. Dish detergent can leave a greasy film on the windows, which will attract more dirt after cleaning. It is also hard to rinse off and often it leaves annoying streaks.

The second most suggested solution is diluted white vinegar. White vinegar is a good solution for cleaning your house, but it might not always be harmless, especially on more delicate structures like stained glass or vinyl frames.

It’s best to use a specially formulated detergent for your windows, something based on ammonia, for example. No matter what you use, it’s also important to only use pure water when cleaning your windows. This way, you avoid mineral deposits on the glass.

Using the Right Technique

The technique you use is also important in getting a good result. Start by removing dust and chunky debris with a dry rag. Then, use a wet towel to soften the dirt and make it easier for the detergent to do its job.

Window detergent suds, which is something vinegar solution doesn’t do. The suds act like a magnet for dirt and are easy to wipe with a squeegee. Use good tools for cleaning and apply a moderate amount of pressure when wiping the windows.

When to Call the Professionals

If you have tried to clean your windows at home and the results are not satisfying, consider calling the professionals. Acord Clean is one of the best window cleaning companies in Melbourne, and our team is made up of certified and insured professionals ready to tackle any window cleaning job. Contact us today for a quote on your window cleaning needs.