Enduro-Shield – Glass & Surface Protection

Acorn Window Cleaners are Certified Professional Applicators

  • Acorn Window Cleaners are certified professional applicators of EnduroShield
  • Enduro-Shield – Glass & Surface Protection

“EnduroShield is superior glass protection against staining”
EnduroShield is a permanent non-stick coating for glass, stainless steel and tile surfaces, making grime and soap scum easier to clean. Acorn Window Cleaning can clean stained or tarnished surfaces prior to the EnduroShield application.

Acorn Window Cleaners are certified professional applicators of EnduroShield. Please visit the EnduroShield website to learn more about this fantastic product.

EnduroShield is a once only application ideal for: Shower Screens, Glass Pool Fencing, Glass Balustrading, Windows and Doors, Splashbacks, Mirrors, Glass Roofs, Stainless Steel Panels and appliances, Stainless Steel BBQ’s, Stainless Steel Balustrades and Fixtures, Bathroom Tiles and Grout.

Check out this short video that was recently taken showing the difference between EnduroShield treated and untreated glass. The top third and bottom third of the glass has been protected with EnduroShield Glass Coating, the middle section has not. Muddy water has then been poured over the glass

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