Famous Views from the World’s Most Iconic Windows

Famous Views from the World’s Most Iconic WindowsWindows are one of the first things you notice about a house. They reflect the sky, allow light to flood the interiors, shape the facade with their architecture and style and decorate the building. At night, the windows of a warm-lit home glow beautifully, looking like lanterns scattered across the landscape.

The beauty of windows can sometimes reach the level of art and we examine some of the most iconic windows in the world in this post.

The South Rose Window of the Late Notre Dame Cathedral

A big part of classic, antique and traditional architecture innovations are related to religious establishments. Churches have traditionally been institutions of power, education, and promoters of culture.

One of these iconic buildings was the late Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris. It had three large rosette-shaped stained windows, but the South Rose was the most spectacular. During the day, the sun hit it directly and cast multi-coloured shadows inside the cathedral. Sadly, this famous piece of architectural wonder was destroyed by fire in 2019. However, efforts to reconstruct this historically significant building are underway.

Stained Sanctuary

Stained glass has adorned buildings for centuries. It is delicate, carefully pigmented, and enclosed in intricate metal framing. If you are considering installing stained glass windows in your home, it is important that you ensure that they are properly maintained by professional window cleaners. They know the proper methods and cleaning solutions to ensure these windows keep their stained elegance.

The Pyramid Du Louvre

One of the most famous glass buildings is the glass pyramid annexe of the Louvre Museum in Paris. This structure is constructed entirely out of glass and metal framing, and its modern design contrasts with the surrounding classic architecture. Light creates beautiful effects at night when the monument decorates the courtyard of the museum.

A Perfect View, Famous or Not

Your home windows might not be famous or innovations of engineering and art. However, they still play important roles in the function and aesthetics of your home. Choosing the right design, technology, and accessories for your windows has a long-term impact, and regularly maintaining them contributes just as much to the look of your house and how comfortable you feel in it.

When it comes to deep cleaning your windows or taking care of specialised ones like stained glass, UV-filtered windows, or film treatments, you should spare no expense. Hiring a professional window cleaner to keep your windows in top shape will allow you to continue enjoying them for decades to come.

Here at Acorn Window Cleaning, our team has decades of experience in cleaning all sorts of different windows. We provide a variety of different window cleaning services for both residential and commercial property owners alike. Contact us today for a free, no-obligation consultation on your window cleaning needs and ensure that your windows are kept in the best condition possible!