Acorn Window Cleaning’s FAQs

How much does it cost to get my windows cleaned?

At Acorn Window Cleaning, we don’t work to an hourly rate or a set price per window.  We quote each job on an individual basis, taking into account not only the amount of glass to be cleaned but additional factors such as the type and condition of the glass, the presence of staining, paint, or building debris and the access to the glass.  Call our office to arrange for a quote.

How do I get a quote?

Call our office, and we will arrange a time for one of our window cleaners to visit your property to discuss the scope of work required and provide you with a quote.

How soon can you clean my windows?

For residential work, it is often possible to book an appointment within the week that you call. Commercial and abseil window cleaning jobs may have a longer lead time.

What else do you clean apart from windows?

We clean all glass, not just windows:  mirrors, shower screens, pool area glass, skylights, solar panels, atriums, and balustrades.

Do you clean residential or commercial windows?

We clean residential properties, shops, commercial properties, apartment blocks and high-rise properties.

Where is your office located?

Acorn Window Cleaning is located at 100 Auburn Rd, Hawthorn.

What are your opening hours?

Our office is open 8 am – 4 pm, Monday –Friday.  We are closed on public holidays.

How can I pay for my window cleaning?

You can pay your window cleaner directly upon completion of the window cleaning – cash, cheque or credit card payments are all accepted. All credit cards are accepted, and no fees are charged.

Do your staff wear uniforms?

Yes, all our window cleaners wear Acorn-branded uniforms.

Do your staff have Police Checks?

Yes, all Acorn Window Cleaners have Police Checks.

How experienced are your window cleaners?

The Acorn team are highly experienced, professional window cleaners, many of whom have been associated with Acorn for over ten years.  We also have a team of qualified rope-access specialist window cleaners and a team that specialises in post-construction builder’s cleans.

We have just finished renovating, can you do a builder’s clean of my windows?

When cleaning new glass for the first time after installation or existing glass that has been part of a renovation, it is very important to identify the type of glass to be cleaned.  Different types of glass have different hardness and are cleaned accordingly.  A builder’s cleaning involves removing (often tiny) building debris, such as cement, plaster or paint specks, from windows before the glass can be cleaned.  This is very labour-intensive work as it must be done with extreme care.  Acorn has a dedicated team, experienced in builder’s cleans.

What areas do you service?

Our office is located in Hawthorn; however, our window cleaners operate throughout the greater Melbourne area.

What insurance do you have?

Acorn Window Cleaning has a $20 million Public Liability policy covering work at all heights, from ground to high-rise. Our team also has Work Cover insurance.  All insurance documentation is available upon request.

How long does it take to clean my windows?

There are a couple of factors that determine how long a job will take. The first is the amount of glass you are going to have cleaned.  A few selected windows may only take the window cleaner a short time, whereas cleaning all the glass in your home (internal & external windows, pool area glass, mirrors, shower screens, skylights, etc) will take a couple of hours.  Another factor is the condition of the glass – does it require stain removal treatment or a regular wash?  And the time taken depends upon the number of window cleaners in the team.

Do I need to be home when the windows are cleaned?

If we are cleaning your internal windows, we will need you to provide us with access to your home.  If we are cleaning your external windows only, you do not need to be at home at the time as long as there are no locked gates.  We can call you for a credit card payment upon completion of the work.

What type of detergent do you use?

We use an ammoniated solution that cuts through dirt and produces a slippery surface on the glass for the squeegee to pass over, removing the dirt and leaving the glass streak-free.

Are you WorkSafe compliant?

Yes, all Acorn Window cleaners hold WorkSafe white cards.

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