A Guide to Floor to Ceiling Windows and How to Clean Them

Floor to Ceiling Windows

Floor-to-ceiling windows, or window walls, are one of the most common window designs in Australia. They give homeowners fantastic views over the city skyline or natural landscapes in the suburbs. Having a wall made out of windows is an architectural detail that we often associate with modern, luxurious homes. It’s also the best way to get plenty of natural light and make the most of your views.

3 Types of Floor to Ceiling Windows

Here are the main types of floor-to-ceiling windows you will find in homes and commercial buildings.

1. Geometrical frames

Instead of using vast glass panes for your window wall, you can create a geometrical pattern using framing, covering the area between the floor and the ceiling. Suitable for modern and traditional looks, frames can evoke many styles, from gothic to abstract and everything in between.

2. Clear window walls

If you want to go with the minimalist style, floor-to-ceiling clear panes with very discreet framing are your answer. It gives the window wall an infinite effect, immersing you in the view. This style is popular in commercial buildings, but many homeowners choose the same look for their houses.

3. A combination of fixed and awning windows

A practical choice is to combine fixed windows with awning ones. Windows also let fresh air inside, so you want to have at least a few openings. You can install glass doors to match the rest of the style for walls that have entryways.

Are Floor to Ceiling Windows Expensive?

Like any other renovation project, the cost of floor-to-ceiling doors depends on several factors, including:

  • Installation size
  • The window treatments you want (UV filter, staining, mirror film, double-paned, low-E coatings, built-in blinds)
  • Custom-designed windows and framing

You can expect to spend between $70 and $300 per square meter, depending on what type of glass you choose. Ideally, request an appraisal from at least three providers before making your final decision.

A Cue on Cost

When we plan renovation or construction projects, many of us focus on the costs. With structural elements like windows, it is crucial to calculate your costs in the long term. Windows are a long-term purchase and will impact your expenses for years ahead. When planning your budget, consider how much maintenance each option needs, how it can lower your utility bills, how often it needs repairs, the cost of window cleaning and the cost of replacements.

Custom Windows; Custom Cleaning!

If you want floor-to-ceiling windows, you should also think about maintenance and window cleaning. In most cases, these glass walls will require special care. Ideally, you should hire professional window cleaners who can do the job with no risks involved. This is especially important for floor-to-ceiling windows, which can be costly to repair or replace.

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