Getting Rid of Streaks for a Clean Window

Getting Rid of Streaks for a Clean WindowCleaning your windows doesn’t seem like a complicated task, especially since there are countless variants of window detergents and micro towels on the market. However, many homeowners and business owners often complain about streaking, even when using the right tools for cleaning.

In this blog post, we’ll take a closer look at what causes streaking on windows and how professionals make them sparkly clean.

What Causes Streaking on Windows?

One of the primary culprits that cause streaking is hard water. This type of water contains a high concentration of minerals, such as calcium and magnesium, which create deposits on fixtures and windows. It’s easy to notice streaks on windows, especially if they are in direct sunlight.

Another common mistake that causes streaks is when individuals use towels and rags that leave lint behind, causing streaking when the cleaning solution dries. Even newspaper, which some individuals use to wipe down windows with, releases tiny fibres that eventually streak.

How to Avoid Streaks When Doing Window Cleaning

Apart from understanding the root cause of streaking, there are also some other factors to consider when cleaning windows to achieve streak-free glass.

Cleaning windows when the weather is right is one of these crucial factors. If it rains right after you clean your windows, there will undoubtedly be streaking. If it’s too windy, any freshly cleaned windows will also attract dust and debris. Scorching heat can also affect the results of a window cleaning job, as the cleaning solution would likely dry too quickly, leaving behind marks and streaks.

How Do Professionals Do It?

Professional window cleaners use pure, distilled water for window cleaning, as it prevents mineral deposits from leaving marks.

Professional window cleaners also use special tools like good-quality squeegees that will swipe away the detergent mixture and pull all the dirt away from the windows. The rubber is wiped repeatedly and a smooth, wide motion is used to achieve streak-free windows.

In addition, professional window cleaners also use deep cleaning methods when the situation calls for them. These include steam-cleaning, high-pressure water cleaning, or heavy-duty detergents that don’t damage the windows.

Proper window cleaning doesn’t just rely on the right tools and products but also the technique. Often, experience is the key to getting spotless results. Professionals know what kind of technique to apply and what detergents and tools to use for each case. This expertise enables them to achieve spotless windows time and again.

Engage Professional Window Cleaners for a Streak-Free Experience

If you need window cleaning that is guaranteed to be streak and dust-free, your best bet would be to hire some professional window cleaners.

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