Getting Your Brand New Windows Cleaned

Getting Your Brand New Windows CleanedHaving your windows replaced is a huge investment, but one which will see the aesthetic of your property plus its value raised as a result.

While it’s easy to focus on the finished outcome, the reality is that any kind of renovation work will generate a lot of mess. So when the contractors leave, instead of a beautifully clean and improved feature, all you can focus on is the cleaning up!

By all means, pull out a sweeping brush and a vacuum, but when it comes to your windows – especially those you’ve just had installed – this is why the cleaning of them best left to the experts.

The Process Of Installing New Windows

When you have your old windows removed, they have to be chiselled out of the wall and freed from any surrounding render if applicable. If the new windows are a different size, the walls will either need to be made bigger or smaller which could turn into a substantial construction project, bringing a lot of debris with it. Hopefully, your new windows are kept out of the way while this takes place, but it depends on the method of the contractor.

Next is the lifting in of the windows. Since contractors will likely not wear gloves, the glass is prone to getting fingerprints, grease and scuff marks both inside and outside of the windows. The more the windows have to be handled during the fitting process, the more they will pick up such dirt.

Naturally, you’ll want to clean the dirt off as soon as you notice it since it will spoil the look of your new windows. However, the wrong products or techniques will create a bigger mess than when you started! This is why we don’t recommend people clean their own windows since it’s very difficult to achieve a spotless finish without the right know-how. That’s the exact opposite of what you want since you probably just spent thousands on your new windows.

Removing Factory Stickers From Windows

When windows are produced (both the glass and the frames) the manufacturer will put stickers on them. Now, you might think stickers are no trouble at all to remove from glass, but the wrong technique could leave scrape marks on your brand new windows.

Instead, we’d recommend you book in for a post-construction window clean. Even if you haven’t had any other major work done, this specialist service will delicately remove the sticker and adhesive from your windows. Using the correct tools and techniques is essential as this step is extremely easy to get wrong.

New Window Cleaning Melbourne

Whether your windows were installed yesterday or several decades ago, make sure they look the part by scheduling in a window clean with us here at Acorn. We can help you remove fingerprints and scuff marks on your new windows.

If you’ve just had some renovation work, then we can also advise about removing stickers, mortar, paint splatters and other construction debris from your windows too.

Ready for us to come work our magic? For residential, commercial or high rise buildings based in Melbourne, give us a call on 9118 3333. Alternatively, drop us an email and we’ll get back to you.