Why You Need to Hire the Professionals for a Post-Construction Window Cleaning

Why You Need to Hire the Professionals for a Post-Construction Window CleaningIf you’ve just had some home renovations done, or even a new home built, you may have noticed some construction debris clinging to your windows. Your first instinct might be to reach for your cleaning supplies and elbow grease to take care of the mess, but more than likely these stains will give you more hassle than you bargained for. Removing paint splatter, construction dust, or adhesive from windows is a tricky job and if not done with the right technique it can permanently damage your windows.

If you’ve just given your house a facelift, the last thing you’d want to do is scratch or smudge your windows, leaving a bad taste on your otherwise beautiful renos. A repair or replacement of your windows will be far more expensive than paying to have the professionals clean your windows properly upon completion of your home project. Not to mention the added time it will take to complete the repair/replace job after you’ve waited weeks for your renovations to finish. Skip the unnecessary headache and let the pros take care of the clean-up so that you can enjoy your new-look home as soon as possible

What is a Post-Construction Clean?

A post-construction clean is a window cleaning job that takes place immediately following construction work on the inside or outside of your home, sometimes referred to as a builder’s clean. This highly specialized work requires the ultimate care and specific products to get the job done safely and correctly. Our post-construction team has the equipment and the experience to guarantee that your windows are returned to a like-new state without any added complications.

Why Do You Need to Call the Pros?

You might look at your post-construction windows and think that this is no more difficult a task than other DIY projects you’ve done in the past. At first glance, it may not appear to be too difficult a job, but attacking it with regular window cleaner or ill-equipped products could end up doing long-lasting damage to your windows. As well, trying to chip away at stubborn debris/splatter can end up scratching your windows. If you try to wipe away fine construction dust with a rag or paper towels you could rub the dust into the windows, making them more prone to smudging and scratches.

Final Thoughts

If you’re going to spend the time and money on upgrading your home with much-wanted (or even much-needed) renovations, then it’s also advisable to take care in the clean-up process, and this pertains especially to your windows. Clearing away fine dust or small, sharp wood particles from your windows can create an expensive problem if done incorrectly. Scratching or smearing your glass is a sight you won’t be able to unsee once it happens and will leave a black mark on your otherwise newly fashioned living space.

Save yourself the time and the headache, and call our professional window cleaners who will clean your post-construction windows with the knowledge and experience that only a professional can offer.