Why Housekeeping or Maid Services and Window Cleaning Don’t Mix

Why Housekeeping or Maid Services and Window Cleaning Don’t MixLiving in a clean, tidy home does wonders for our physical health, mood, and productivity. But we all know how difficult it is sometimes to balance work, spend time with the kids or partner, and meet your own needs while keeping your home clean.

Hiring a maid or housekeeper is one of the best solutions to find a balance and get the most out of your home life. And while it might be tempting to include window cleaning in the list of things to do for your housekeeper, there are some reasons as to why this isn’t such a good idea.

Clean is Clean, Right?

Windows are elementary structures in your house, and modern models often use specialized materials and technologies. Newer windows can control the temperature and UV intake in your home. They also insulate against noise or serve as physical protection.

While maids have plenty of experience using industrial cleaning products and methods to keep your home in pristine condition, they may not be suitably qualified when it comes to professional window cleaning.

Professional window cleaners use specialised equipment and cleaning solutions for each window they work on. They use their experience and knowledge to choose the best approach for your particular situation and handle the task quickly and efficiently.

Method vs. Maid-ness

Asking your maid to do the window cleaning might seem like a money-saving solution, but in the long term, it only has disadvantages. The job will never match the quality of professional cleaning, and it can put your housekeeper in danger, especially when tackling the outside of your windows.

Here are three reasons why it’s wiser to leave the window cleaning to a specialized team:

  • Efficiency. Your maid might struggle for a long time to clean your windows with DIY methods like basic window detergent and newspapers. Professional window cleaners do this for a living and know the right tools for the job. They also plan out how to complete the task efficiently within a few hours.
  • Safety. Cleaning large or high windows, especially on the exterior, can put your maid in danger. Professionals use custom tools, ladders, and even safety harnesses. They also carry specialized insurance policies for such cases.
  • Quality. Windows can be scratched and mattified, and their frames can get water damage when using DIY methods. Window cleaners will use the right solutions for your windows to ensure they are expertly maintained.

Professional Precision

Hiring a maid or housekeeping service not only gives you a professionally cleaned home, but it also frees up your time for the more important things in life. And while maids have overall experience in house cleaning, they are not equipped to give your windows the 5-star treatment.

A professional window cleaning company will pamper your windows, achieving the best possible results. Acorn Window Cleaning is a Melbourne-based professional window cleaning company that will help you clean your windows with the utmost care – call today for a free, no-obligation quote and get the most out of your windows!