How Long Do Windows Last For?

How Long Do Windows Last ForEven with the best care and maintenance, everything within your property has an eventual shelf life and your windows are no exception. It’s important to keep an eye out if your windows are starting to fail, since they won’t be energy-efficient and could be ramping up your bills as a result. Plus, they could also look unsightly since some window styles can dramatically date a property.

Repairing or replacing your windows when necessary will also maximise the results of our window cleaning services. Here is an overview of how long windows last for depending on what they are made from to guide you.

Signs Your Windows Need Repair Or Replacement

  • The glass has any cracks or breaks
  • You are noticing they are letting in a lot of draughts
  • They allow too much heat into the room
  • The frames are starting to disintegrate
  • The style doesn’t suit the property anymore
  • Not enough natural light in the room
  • The windows do not lock properly
  • You require toughened/safety glass instead
  • The glass is only single glazed
  • Your windows are old and want a change

uPVC Windows

uPVC (also known as PVC or vinyl) windows have the shortest lifespan of any window type. They average at 20 years of use but can vary between 10 and 35 years depending on the quality of the window build and installation.

The upside of uPVC windows is that they are the least expensive. Modern uPVC windows are also incredibly energy-efficient, so you’ll notice a huge difference if you currently have single glazed and you upgrade to double or triple glazing.

Aluminium Windows

Aluminium windows have a sleek and stylish profile and can last anywhere up to 45 years, which is double the lifespan of uPVC windows. It’s crucial to powder coat aluminium windows since the frames will corrode without this, especially if you live in a coastal area.

What aluminium windows are best for is framing a view, since they have a minimal amount of frame. They also let in a tremendous amount of natural light, which will increase the wellbeing of all those who use the space.

Wooden Windows

Wooden windows have the potential to last the longest of any material type, with a maximum lifespan of 60 years. It’s not uncommon to find wooden windows that are even older, especially on period properties.

The downside with wood is that it swells and contracts depending on the weather. The frames need regular attention since wood can disintegrate unless it’s properly treated and painted. Wood is also more expensive as it’s a natural material and cannot be reproduced in a factory like uPVC.

Find Out More

Regardless of your window type, the key to having them look their best is to have them regularly cleaned. This service won’t just remove the dirt from your windows but will ensure they are being inspected often, instead of being left to develop issues that could mean they need repairing or replacing far sooner than expected.

Here at Acorn windows, we offer professional window cleaning for residential, commercial and high rise buildings across Melbourne. If you’d like further advice on anything we’ve mentioned above, give us a call on 9118 3333. Alternatively, drop us an email to book a window clean or to make any enquiries and we’ll get back to you.