The Importance of Job Safety Analysis and Professional Window Cleaning

The Importance of Job Safety Analysis and Professional Window CleaningWindow cleaning is not a simple task, considering the sheer size of many residential and commercial buildings. Even a routine clean-up at home can end poorly if safety measures are not properly implemented.

Window cleaning involves slippery surfaces, working at height, harsh chemicals, and pressure washing machinery. There are various risks involved, from property damage to loss of life, so professional window cleaners have to assess dangers correctly before doing their job.

What is a JSA?

A Job Safety Analysis (JSA) is a reporting process used to identify potential work-related hazards and establish a plan to prevent and manage them. Using tools like JSA to help create a strong safety culture in any working field prevents many possible work-related accidents.

Some of the steps to complete a thorough JSA include:

  1. Select the job for which you create the JSA. All job tasks must be known and described accurately, so they reflect reality as well as the possibility of risk.
  2. Define the tasks. Lost all the tasks that the job requires in sequence – this way, it becomes easier to predict possible issues.
  3. Determine which tasks present a hazard and consider all possible outcomes.
  4. Implement hazard prevention and control methods across the chain of operations.

When to Use a JSA

A Job Safety Analysis must be conducted thoroughly with the help of the employees, be updated, and performed regularly. Management should re-evaluate a job’s JSA each time the operations change and when they notice a new potential for hazard during regular operations.

3 Most Common Injuries to Professional Window Cleaners

Professional window cleaning is not an easy job. Consider the immense heights of some commercial buildings and how vast their glass surfaces are. Workers often must train as utility climbers and use vital safety protocols and equipment.

When accidents do happen, they can involve straining and long recovery periods, plus a high cost of rehabilitation. JSAs can help to prevent many unfortunate incidents from occurring.

The most common injuries suffered by professional window cleaners while at work include:

  • Falling from ladders or windowsills due to bad weather conditions, improper footwear/gloves, and choosing the wrong ladder height.
  • Falling from roofs due to fragile materials or improper assessment of risk.
  • Accidents related to the improper use of safety equipment while working at height.

Depending on the height from which the worker falls, and other factors, injuries can be fatal or catastrophic. Recovering from severe injuries takes a worker off his job for months or even years and can leave them with a permanent disability.

Acorn Window Cleaning and JSAs

Here at Acorn Window Cleaning, we take safety measures extremely seriously. We have JSAs in place for every task and regularly update them following changes in our operations or feedback from our team.

Get in touch with us today if you want to work with fully insured, certified, experienced, and friendly window cleaning professionals. We service the entire Melbourne area and offer free cost estimates for projects of any size.