What Are IRATA Trained Window Cleaners?

What Are IRATA Trained Window CleanersThe wonderful world of window cleaning is about far more than squeegees and buckets. To be able to complete the job safely and to the highest standards, a lot of training is required.

The aim is to thoroughly rid the glass of dirt leaving behind a beautiful streak-free finish. Every property type will require varying methods and techniques to achieve this, while also being in accordance with safety guidelines.

In the case of high rise buildings, this means getting IRATA qualified. But what exactly is IRATA, and how can this service be of benefit to your high rise building? Here’s everything you need to know.

IRATA: An Overview

IRATA stands for Industrial Rope Access Trade Association. The group was first set up in the 1980s to deal with the challenges in maintaining offshore oil and gas rigs in a way that maintained health and safety.

Of course, rope access is required for various other industries and window cleaning is no exception. This is especially the case for high rise window cleaning, as regular window cleaning equipment usually caters for buildings up to around 10 meters.

However, with rope access, buildings of all heights can be safely scaled so that the window cleaner can perform their duties. This includes aspects such as rigging and the twin rope method, ensuring we can reach your windows without putting ourselves or members of the public at risk.

Why All Our Window Cleaners Are IRATA Trained

Melbourne has a wide range of building types, including many high rise buildings that dominate our city skyline. Whether our clients want their pool glass cleaning or their 30th floor apartment windows cleaning, we feel it’s important to be able to provide the same level of service.

When working with heights, there is so much that can go wrong. This is why it’s essential that the window cleaning team has had ample training and experience. With IRATA, this means being trained to the same gold standard that window cleaners use in other major cities such as London, New York, Toronto, Sydney and many more.

The shared knowledge helps us all to conduct our work in the most safest and efficient way possible. Whatsmore, here at Acorn, all of our window cleaners are covered under our public liability insurance. They also hold work safe occupational health and safety construction induction cards. Also, a written Job Safety Analysis (JSA) is carried out before any work can begin. In other words, we’re very thorough about safety!

High Rise Window Cleaning Melbourne

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