How To Keep Your Windows Looking Their Best

How To Keep Your Windows Looking Their BestFar from being an aesthetic feature alone, windows provide various functions. Primarily, they let light in and make the space usable without the need for artificial light in the daytime. However, windows also provide thermal efficiency, security and safety features too.

Therefore, it definitely pays to keep your windows in the best condition. Here’s an overview of what to look out for to make that happen.

Keep Your Windows Well Maintained

Over time, windows will show signs of wear and tear. For example, timber frames may start to disintegrate, and PVC windows can have a seal failure, meaning water gets in between the panes of glass causing the window to look permanently misted.

Sometimes, such problems are an easy fix especially if you follow the recommended maintenance for your particular window type. Even still, it’s important to keep on top of any issues that crop up, as it will affect not just the look of your windows, but the performance of them too.

If a window suddenly cannot open or close properly, or if the glass gets broken then these are issues which need rectifying immediately. Remember, windows act as a fire escape in many instances, so they need to be kept in good working order at all times.

Protect Your Windows From Damage

It might be easier said than done, but as the old saying goes, ‘a stitch in time saves nine’. Let’s take any building work you have planned as an example. The last thing you’d want is to have your lounge painted, only for some of your beautiful new magnolia wall colour to end up on the windows.

Likewise, the remnants of plastering, rendering and general construction work can be left behind on your windows too. While it’s not a complete disaster as specialist window cleaning can remove such debris, covering up your windows with sheeting will prevent a lot of hassle.

If you live in an area with security concerns, you may also want to consider getting protective bars or shutters to protect your window glass.

Schedule A Regular Window Clean

It doesn’t matter what age your windows are or what material they are made from – they won’t look the part if they are dirty. Getting your windows looking as if they have been newly installed is the aim, but isn’t as easy as us professional window cleaners make it look.

For starters, tap water – which most homeowners use to clean their windows – contains sediment. This only becomes apparent when your windows dry and you are left with streaks and splotches across the glass! Instead, we use pure water which cleans and dries beautifully.

If you live in a high rise building, then the outside of your windows may not even be accessible in the first place. A professional window cleaner will make light work of even the most stubborn stains, without the safety risk.

The above is just a snapshot of why some jobs are best left to the professionals, and window cleaning is no exception. We recommend scheduling a window clean monthly, so that your windows will look continually clean.

Window Cleaning Melbourne

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We can also advise you on using nano coating for glass. Doing so will ensure your glass looks aesthetically pleasing all year round.

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