What Is Nano Coating For Glass?

What Is Nano Coating For Glass?

The stylish look of freshly installed glass cannot be rivalled. The only trouble is, the surface of glass is not as smooth as you think. In fact, if you were to magnify glass 10 times or more, you’d actually see imperfections in the surface that are invisible to the naked eye. While this doesn’t affect the quality of the glass itself, it can mean that over time your glass begins to look less than perfect.

One such solution is to use nano coating on your glass surfaces such as shower screens and pool glass. Doing so will act as a protective measure, ensuring your glass looks its best even with everything nature throws at it. Here is an overview of nano coating for glass to tell you more.

Nano Coating: An Overview

Have you noticed your glass becoming more opaque, or becoming more difficult to clean? The microscopic pits and peaks in glass mean it attracts dust and dirt over time. Combined with calcium deposits and organic sediment, the debris becomes deeply lodged within the surface of the glass. That’s why nano coating is recommended to preserve the look of your glass, and make it easier to clean.

Nano coating was inspired by the natural water repellency of lotus leaves. When applied to glass, nano coating creates a beautiful self cleaning layer that will preserve the look of your glass. In shower screens, it prevents the build-up of soap scum. In outdoor glass such as near pools, nano coating will prevent chlorine or salt from staining the glass. It’s simple and easy to apply, offering superior protection for your glass surfaces.

Why You Should Use Nano Coating

Cleaning your home is a never ending task, so why make it more difficult than it needs to be? Glass makes a stunning focal point, whether used in your windows, shower screen or around the pool. Though, it only takes a few fingerprints or even exposure to pollution before your glass starts to look grubby.

Nano coating cuts through all the hassle, by creating a protective surface to keep the surface of your glass polished and protected. The finished result will repel water, dirt, bacteria, dust and other debris which would otherwise spoil the look of your glass.

This will ensure the glass remains looking pristine, with very little upkeep required. It also removes the need for endless cleaning, which can take hours if your home has lots of glass surfaces. When applied correctly, nano coating can last anywhere between two and five years.

Nano Coating Melbourne

Here at Acorn Window Cleaning, we offer nano coating either as a DIY solution or professional application. Both are backed up by a warranty, with an extended warranty for the professional nano coating application when applied by our certified professionals.

If you’d like to get the glass in your Melbourne home or business nano coated we’re here to help. Give us a call on 9118 3333. Alternatively, drop us an email with any enquiries and we’ll get back to you.

*Image Source: Hydrophobic coating by MaximBor, used under CC BY-SA 4.0