Why You Should Never Use Tap Water To Clean Your Windows

Why You Should Never Use Tap Water To Clean Your WindowsWhen you notice a stain in your home, you naturally reach for cleaning products to remove it. Most likely, this involves tap water especially if it’s a nice warm bowl of water, which will help lift off the stain more easily. While this method works for some jobs, it’s not a universal way to do your cleaning.

In the case of windows, tap water is one of the worst things you can put on glass – much to the homeowner’s surprise! But why is that the case? Let’s take a look.

The Tap Water Journey

We think of the tap water’s journey from the moment it leaves the tap, but if we backtrack, the process is a lot more complicated than that.

The starting point for tap water in Australia is a river or reservoir. Water can also come from aquifers and from desalination too. Fluoride is added and the water is then treated with either chlorine, chloramine or ultraviolet light to make sure it’s safe to drink.

Finally, the water is delivered to a pump station which connects it with nearby customer homes. At the end of its journey, the water joins a sewage or wastewater network, ready to start the process again.

Tap Water And Your Windows

While tap water is perfectly safe to drink, it does contain sediment. Even rainwater contains sediment, which is why you’ll notice splotches appear on your windows after a period of bad weather.

The sediment isn’t always visible to the naked eye. So at first, when cleaning your windows the tap water will look like it’s doing a good job. Only, as soon as your windows dry you’ll notice marks and streaks over the windows.

Not only is this frustrating, but it means that your windows certainly aren’t clean. In some cases, you may actually create a bigger mess cleaning windows with tap water, versus leaving them how they were! This is why we don’t recommend you clean your own windows, especially not with tap water.

The Solution Is Pure Water

As the name suggests, pure water does not contain any impurities. This matters when it comes to cleaning because nothing should be left behind. Think of it like wet wipes that are designed to clean your surfaces – if you look closely, they leave marks on your surfaces which aren’t just visible, but can leave a sticky residue on the surface too. Not good!

With windows, the issue is that the debris won’t be fully removed from the glass unless pure water is used. Therefore tap water just won’t do, because it will leave traces of its presence behind. When what you want instead is clean glass.

Pure water window cleaning uses a water-fed system, which simultaneously agitates the dirt from the glass while washing it away. The result will give you perfectly clean windows that dry with a pristine finish. No watermarks, splotches or streaks in sight! It’s a much more efficient way to clean windows, and will deliver a professional finish.

Pure Water Window Cleaning Melbourne

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