Whats Included In A Commercial Window Clean

What’s Included In A Commercial Window Clean?

If you own a commercial building, you’ll know the importance of keeping it clean, so that it gives the best impression to your customers. This of course includes your windows, which may span the likes of your front doors, shop windows or even showroom glass. Now is as good a … Read More

Abseil Window Cleaning

What’s Involved In Abseil Window Cleaning?

Window cleaning isn’t always a doddle. Aside from making sure you use the right tools and techniques, there’s also the practical side to windows, in that sometimes they are high up, therefore out of reach! Rather than risk injury to yourself or others by attempting to clean your own windows, … Read More

What Is Nano Coating For Glass?

What Is Nano Coating For Glass?

The stylish look of freshly installed glass cannot be rivalled. The only trouble is, the surface of glass is not as smooth as you think. In fact, if you were to magnify glass 10 times or more, you’d actually see imperfections in the surface that are invisible to the naked … Read More

What Is Involved In Post Construction Window Cleaning

What’s Involved In Post Construction Window Cleaning?

Whenever you have work done in your home, you look forward to that moment when it’s all finished, right? However, the reality of grand transformations is that a lot of dirt can be generated in the process. Everything from brick dust, paint, render, concrete splatters, silicon and general debris could … Read More

Why You Should Consider Regular Window Cleaning For Your Shop

Why You Should Consider Regular Window Cleaning For Your Shop

Whether your business is retail, restaurant or even office based – cleanliness matters. Windows can become host to all kinds of debris which can bring the look of your building down giving the wrong first impression to your customers. Commercial window cleaning for your shop is one of the best … Read More

Why Your Solar Panels Should Be Cleaned Regularly

Why Your Solar Panels Should Be Cleaned Regularly

Solar panels need light to be able work, as this is how they generate electricity for your home. They get this light from the sun, where the cellular technology in the panels will store and convert it into energy. However, over time debris such as bird droppings, algae, dirt, leaves … Read More

Why you shouldn't attempt to clean your own windows

Why You Shouldn’t Attempt To Clean Your Own Windows

Pollution, the weather not to mention presents from the local bird population can all take its toll on your windows. If your windows don’t look clean, it will make your building look unsightly for all those who use it. But unlike less labour intensive jobs, cleaning your windows isn’t something … Read More

What are the benefits of commercial window cleaning?

What Are The Benefits Of Commercial Window Cleaning?

The average wall contains 25% worth of window space. But given modern architecture often features lots of windows to let more light in, the chances are your commercial building is pretty window centric. Regardless of how many windows your building has, they need to be cleaned regularly by someone who … Read More

What does residential window cleaning involve?

What Does Residential Window Cleaning Involve?

Owning a home comes with a lot of responsibilities, not least in terms of maintenance and keeping the place clean. The inside and outside of your home requires regular cleaning to keep it looking its best which can feel like a real chore. But why do it all yourself, when … Read More

Preparing Your House For Sale

Preparing Your House For Sale

Selling your house is an exciting time but it can be equally stressful too. After all, you want to achieve the best purchase price and get the sale completed promptly. That’s why the preparation you do before putting your house on the market is where it counts. If you’ve lived … Read More