What’s Involved In Post Construction Window Cleaning?

What Is Involved In Post Construction Window CleaningWhenever you have work done in your home, you look forward to that moment when it’s all finished, right? However, the reality of grand transformations is that a lot of dirt can be generated in the process.

Everything from brick dust, paint, render, concrete splatters, silicon and general debris could be all over your home inside and out. Even though you might have only had work done in one part of the property, the mess can soon spread everywhere else.

Post construction window cleaning will take care of your glass surfaces so that you can enjoy your newly improved home without the stress. Here is what’s involved to tell you more.

What Can Be Removed?

We will look to give your windows a thorough clean, but we’ll also be looking out for some of the most common materials to land on your windows post construction. This includes:

  • Dried concrete – Mechanical removal of dried concrete will cause the particles to scrape the glass. Instead, a special type of acid is used to dissolve the particles. Care must be taken to ensure the acid doesn’t run and damage nearby surfaces, which is why it must only be handled by an expert.
  • Window stickers – Stickers require soaking in water and specialist detergent to loosen the adhesive. Once softened, we used a scraper to carefully lift the sticker away from the glass. This is a delicate job that requires patience and technique.
  • Silicone – Silicone is used to seal items and can also be used around window frames. Due to the free flowing nature of silicone guns, the excess can easily land on your windows. It is one of the most difficult types of debris to remove due to its durability. A combination of a scraper blade and steel wool is used to remove silicone from windows.
  • Dried paint – Dried paint is removed with a scraper blade. Crucially, the blade must be sharp, as a dull blade will put scratches in the glass. Stainless steel blades are softer on window surfaces.

Why Post Construction Window Cleaning Is A Specialist Job

While a bucket of water and a cloth might suffice for cleaning your worksurfaces, the same can’t be said for your windows. A specialist approach is needed to remove building residue and even seemingly harmless stickers that are placed on new windows which can be a nightmare to get off.

Here at Acorn, our team is specifically trained in post construction cleaning. Not only do we understand how to remove the debris, but we also have knowledge of different glass types. For example, pool glass vs regular window glass. Not to mention tempered glass too.

We know what it takes to do a post construction window clean to ensure your glass surfaces are sparkling clean, ready for you to enjoy your new space. If you don’t have such experience, it’s easy to throw the wrong materials at the problem, creating an even bigger mess than when you started!

After spending so much money on construction, ruining the work is the last thing you’d want. That’s why it’s best to call in the professionals instead.

Post Construction Window Cleaning Melbourne

Is your home newly renovated? You don’t have to face the clean up alone! If you require post construction cleaning in Melbourne, give us a call on 9118 3333. Alternatively, drop us an email with any enquiries and we’ll get back to you.