Preparing Your House For Sale

Preparing Your House For SaleSelling your house is an exciting time but it can be equally stressful too. After all, you want to achieve the best purchase price and get the sale completed promptly. That’s why the preparation you do before putting your house on the market is where it counts.

If you’ve lived in the property for a long time you might not even realise what work needs doing. The fresh pair of eyes that is your potential buyers will spot it all though. What they see will either have them running for the hills or putting in an offer.

Want to ensure your house generates the latter response? Here are our top tips on preparing your house for sale to tell you more.

Stick To Neutral Decor

You might think your leopard print wallpaper and red ceilings look fabulous. But your buyers? Not so much. It can be difficult to imagine yourself living in a property that has an overwhelming colour scheme going on. While there’s no harm in injecting some personality, it’s good to remember you are trying to appeal to the masses here.

If in doubt, a fresh lick of paint in neutral colours works wonders, not least to open up the space and maximise the natural light. After all, buyers need to be able to see themselves living there and how they’d put their own stamp on the place. An added benefit of neutral colours is that they instantly make the place look new and clean.

Repair Any Obvious Problems

The least amount of headaches you can present buyers with the better. That’s why your broken shower, a leaky tap or that hole in the wall has to go. It’s a good idea to go around your home and create a checklist of everything that needs repairing. Or get a qualified tradesperson to do it for you. Everything should be in good working order before any inspections take place.

An added benefit of doing so is that depending on the nature of the repairs, it could increase your property’s value too. Most of all, it will ensure your viewings will get off on the right foot. A fault free home will demonstrate to buyer’s that you’re serious about selling. The sale process is also less likely to drag on when there’s no additional negotiation about getting items fixed to contend with.

Maximise Your Curb Appeal

It’s so easy to focus solely on what’s going on inside your property. Yet your living room or kitchen isn’t the first thing your buyers will see. Instead the first glance of their potential new home will be the outside of your property.

Put yourself in the shoes of your potential buyers for a second. If they see tatty paintwork, an overgrown lawn or a general rundown looking property, they aren’t going to rush to buy it. Whatsmore, the likes of families or working professionals have busy lives. The last thing they’d want is to buy a property that needs lots of work just to make it liveable.

Even though cosmetic jobs such as painting your fence or cleaning the gutters might seem insignificant, they are anything but. Every detail counts especially with so much money involved in buying a house.

Give The Entire Property A Thorough Clean

Once everything has been fixed and tidied up, don’t let your property down by failing to give it a clean! It can be tricky if you are currently living in the property while also trying to sell it. However, cleanliness is essential to show off your home in the best possible light.

Start by giving your windows a clean inside and out. Vacuum the floors, walls and ceilings to remove dust and cobwebs. Clean surfaces and rid them of all traces of dirt. This includes the insides of your cupboards which is an easy area to miss. Yet it will be an area your viewers will check as they assess how much storage space the property boasts.

Leave no stone unturned to make your home is absolutely spotless before you allow anyone in it.

Selling A House In Melbourne? Give Acorn Windows A Call

If you are planning to sell or rent out your property then help is at hand. Here at Acorn Window Cleaning, we work with vendors or their selling agents to schedule professional window cleaning before the property goes on the market.

Most vendors or agents will initially opt for a full service window clean. This includes internal and external windows, glass doors, skylights, pool area glass, solar panels, shower screens, mirrors and any other glass in the house.

In addition, Acorn Window Cleaning can also provide high-pressure cleaning of pathways and decking, cobweb removal and gutter cleaning. Crucially, this first whole-house clean is timed to be done before photos are taken of the property for advertising. Or prior to the first open for inspection date.

Many vendors will also schedule visits from us for a ‘touch-up clean’ of windows and glass in high traffic or weather affected areas. These visits may be scheduled weekly or fortnightly leading up to the auction date.

If you are looking to buy or sell your property in Melbourne, then give us a call on 9818 3333 to find out more.