Preparing Your Windows for Autumn

Preparing Your Windows for AutumnAfter the carefree, vacation-infused vibe of the summer, autumn comes with a welcome feeling of cosiness. Chilly winds ruffle the leaves, and the weather gets cooler, inviting everyone to gather around a campfire in the yard or curl inside for a movie. Before relaxing, though, you need to prepare your home for the change of seasons. The upcoming rains and storms and lower temperatures might affect neglected homes and cause costly damage.

A Window of Opportunity

Windows are some of the most basic structures in your home. They connect your home to the outside world and let in natural light and fresh air. However, they are also supposed to effectively seal your home to prevent heat loss or water infiltration.

When seasons shift, it’s crucial to prepare your windows for upcoming changes. Sealing gaps, checking the window insulation, and deep cleaning will prepare your windows for changing temperatures and weather.

Wild Weather

Australian weather can be volatile, and our country ranks high for the damages caused by disasters. Windows must be ready to withstand these events. Here are some key steps to prepare your windows for wilder weather:

  • Deep cleaning of the glass panels and window frames, with the help of professional window cleaners if necessary.
  • Inspecting the locks, mechanisms, and insulating gas.
  • Checking the caulking to determine if it needs replacement or not.

Including HVAC inspection, gutter cleaning, and other steps, your autumn home maintenance can also help to prepare it for the next season.

DIY or Not?

Many homeowners consider saving money by doing these tasks themselves. While it’s good to stay informed about the long-term risks of DIY operations and what they could mean in the long run, if you lack experience or the proper tools, call in a professional. Assigning jobs like window cleaning to a professional will ensure your home is well-prepared for any season.

3 Benefits to Autumn Window Maintenance

Besides knowing the risks, being aware of the benefits of proper maintenance can justify the investment of time and money. Well-maintained windows play many roles in keeping a high level of comfort. Here are 3 benefits to prepping your windows for the changing seasons:

Removal of allergens

Over the summer, dry weather and wind lead to large dust deposits. Your windows may become covered in debris, allergens, and impurities. It can lower indoor air quality and make your windows even dirtier when the rain comes. Clean windows mean clean air.

Preserving current fixtures

Moisture leaks, cracks, and dirt cause micro damage to windows. Even when buying the best windows for your home, they can sustain damage if you don’t take care of them. In the long run, it’s cheaper to do seasonal maintenance than to replace your fixtures.

Optimising light

Getting enough natural light inside your home is a must for your comfort and health. Dirty windows obstruct light and make your house look neglected. You can improve its appearance and extend the life of your windows with proper window cleaning and maintenance.

Work With Professional Window Cleaners

Acorn Window Cleaning is a premier window cleaning company in the Melbourne area. Our team has decades of experience in helping homeowners achieve a spotless shine on their windows. Contact us today for a no-obligation consultation!