Pressure Washing: Why You Should Leave It to the Professionals

Pressure Washing WindowsPower washing is one of the most efficient ways to clean exterior areas of your home, such as the roof, driveway, gutters, or terrace. Power washers use a high-pressure stream of water and special detergents to dislodge any dirt off the surface, restoring the surface to a pristine appearance.

However, power washing must not be used on all surfaces, as it can damage more sensitive ones. For example, when cleaning windows and their framing, you need to be extra cautious. Power washing can cause irreparable damage to both residential and commercial windows. Here’s why.

Water and Glass Under Pressure

Pressure washers are significantly more potent than what you might be used to generally. To understand the pressure involved, know that a garden hose has an average pressure of 50 PSI, while a pressure washer ranges between 1200 and 3300 PSI. This kind of stream can drill holes in cement and wood if used without caution and can inflict severe hurt on passers-by.

You must know the correct range for the type of windows you are cleaning when using a pressure washer on windows and siding. One-layered glass can easily break under so much pressure, and siding can be damaged and no longer keep its function. With too much pressure, you can damage the window seals, strip the paint off the siding, and cause water to infiltrate the wall.

What is PSI?

PSI is a measuring unit for pressure, and it’s short for pounds per square inch. Essentially, PSI refers to the amount of force or pressure that a stream of water has on a surface. You can control the psi through a valve on the washer or by widening/tightening the angle of the stream.

Other ways of practising caution are staying far enough from the surface that you are washing and approaching it at an angle.

The Dangers of Using a Pressure Washer

Pressure washing is not a task that you should do without the proper training or experience. Streams of water at such high pressure can inflict serious damage on both people and property.

Safety measures and experience are extremely important when using a pressure washer. Thousands of people each year get sent to the hospital from pressure washing mishaps. The stream can cause damage instantly, such as skin lacerations, bruises, or eye injury. Lacerations are particularly prone to infection, leading to further complications down the road.

There’s also a high risk of property damage. If used improperly, pressure washers can strip paint, chip wood away, damage window frames, break windows, break seals, and cause water damage.

Powerful Pressure Professionals

Pressure washing is highly effective for house cleaning, and it is better for the environment than other deep cleaning methods. However, it’s crucial to know what you’re doing.

At Acorn Window Cleaning we only use a highly specialised low-pressure water-fed pure-water system that attaches to the garden tap.  This system relies on the water passing from the garden tap, through the water purifying canister at low pressure.  The pure water then travels up the pole and onto the window via the brush head. With the use of such professional window cleaning equipment, we will leave your windows perfectly clean and prevent costly damage to your windows, siding, and walls.

If you’re looking for low-pressure washing services, contact Acorn Window Cleaning today, the leading window cleaning professionals in the Melbourne area.