Why Making Sure Your Professional Window Cleaning Company Has Insurance is Important

Why Making Sure Your Professional Window Cleaning Company Has Insurance is ImportantProfessional window cleaning is a profession that involves working at height, using strong detergents, and being exposed to the weather. Even when all the preventive protocols are in place, there is still a chance of things going wrong. Due to the high-risk nature of the job, companies typically carry special insurance coverage and it is important to ensure that the window cleaners you hire have the proper insurance coverage.

5 Types of Insurance for Professional Window Cleaners

As a customer, you want to check the insurance coverage of a window cleaning company before hiring them. If a worker is injured on your property without proper insurance coverage, you could face lawsuits or potential liability. These are some of the types of insurance coverage to ask about:

Public Liability Insurance

Public liability covers any damage caused to a third party by the workers, their equipment, or the quality of their work. For example, if someone slips and breaks a leg, the company will use its public liability coverage for compensation.

Professional Indemnity Insurance

Mistakes can happen to anyone, even to the best ones. If an employee’s work or advice causes trouble to a customer or a third party, this policy will cover it. This insurance type covers damages due to unfair, dishonest, or incompetent actions of an employee.

Tools/Equipment Insurance

Commercial Vehicle Insurance is another type of insurance a professional window cleaning company should carry. This type of insurance covers commercial vehicles and their equipment in case of accidents, property damage, or injury.

Professional window cleaners will often carry specialty insurance for their tools and equipment. The equipment that they use are typically expensive to replace, and many can cause extreme injury or property damage, such as pressure washers or chemical cleaning solutions.

Workers Compensation Insurance (Australia)

Workers’ compensation insurance should be a priority for a window cleaning company because it is a risky industry. Most companies carry this type of insurance to make sure workers are covered.

This type of insurance covers all medical expenses and lost wages if the employee has a work-related accident. Otherwise, a customer might face a civilian lawsuit if any accidents occur on their property.

Why You Should Ask for Proof of Insurance

When you hire a window cleaning service, a contractor, a construction company, or a roofer, ask about their insurance coverage. Any work done on your property that involves work hazards and property damage risks must be covered by insurance.

You can ask to see the company’s Insurance Certificate of Compliance to learn more about their level of insurance. Check that the issue date is valid and the wording specifies ‘window’ cleaning instead of simply ‘cleaning’. Slight wording differences can have a big impact on a potential claim.

Here at Acorn Window Cleaning, we take insurance coverage seriously, as there are always things beyond our control that can inflict damage. Contact us today to get a no-obligation quote for any professional window cleaning services you might need!