What Does a Professional Window Cleaning Job Involve?

What Does a Professional Window Cleaning Job InvolveWhether cleaning your windows at home or in a commercial building, the process can be more complicated than it seems. Several factors can make window cleaning difficult, from hard-to-reach windows to specialized types of glass that require specific treatments.

For more than simple cases, engaging a team of professional window cleaners is the perfect solution. Here are some reasons why pros do it better, and how it can benefit both homeowners and business owners.

What Is Window Cleaning?

Window cleaning involves removing dirt and debris from the glass panes of windows by wiping them down with some cleaning solution to give them a streak-free shine. It also includes cleaning the window frames, applying window treatments, and restoring the condition of old windows.

Some window cleaning services also sanitize your windows, disinfecting them with chemical solutions or with steam. Facing today’s current pandemic-related climate, cleaning companies are also targeting homes or businesses with confirmed Covid cases, disinfecting windows carefully, and with specific cleaning solutions.

What Does a Professional Window Cleaning Job Entail?

When comparing professional window cleaning to what you can achieve by yourself at home, it’s easy to see the difference. Pros leave you with sparkly clean windows that maintain their look longer. This improves the whole aspect of your property, from inside and out.

One of the key benefits of a professional window cleaning job is that professional window cleaners use pure water for their job, as harder water can leave mineral streaks.

Moreover, the chemicals used by window cleaning companies are also specifically formulated not to leave any streaks and to remove all debris without damaging the glass.

The tools professional window cleaners use include high-pressure cleaning machines, steam cleaning equipment, utility climbing equipment, high-quality squeegees to fit any window size, microfiber rags that don’t leave lint behind and more.

Do I Need Professional Cleaners?

There are several reasons why you may want to hire a window cleaning company.

  • It saves you time: Window cleaning can take plenty of time and effort, especially when you don’t have experience. A professional company will do the job in record time, with no bother, and with great results.
  • You are not at risk of injury: Cleaning the exterior of your windows can be dangerous, especially for high-rise buildings. Do not put yourself at risk by washing them yourself. Hire experts who know what safety measures to take.
  • Long-term cost saving: You won’t have to invest in products and equipment or spend time doing it yourself. Also, having clean windows can increase your home’s value when you are trying to sell it or rent it out. For businesses, clean windows contribute to a good image and, therefore, more customers.
  • Perfect results: Working with a professional window cleaner guarantees the best results. Your windows will look amazing, and you will typically get a warranty for the job with most professional window cleaning companies.

How Acorn Window Cleaning Can Help

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