Why You Should Consider Regular Window Cleaning For Your Shop

Why You Should Consider Regular Window Cleaning For Your ShopWhether your business is retail, restaurant or even office based – cleanliness matters. Windows can become host to all kinds of debris which can bring the look of your building down giving the wrong first impression to your customers.

Commercial window cleaning for your shop is one of the best ways to keep on top of this issue. Not only does it save you the trouble from doing it yourself, but you can also be confident the results will show your building off in the best light. Here is what the service involves to tell you more.

Benefits Of Commercial Window Cleaning

  • Professional results
  • Gives the right first impression for your customers
  • Can be included as part of our ‘shop runs’
  • No need to invest in the cost of window cleaning tools
  • Safer and quicker than cleaning your own windows
  • Schedule a clean whenever it suits you

What Can I Have Cleaned?

As well as your windows, we can clean any signage or mirrors. We can also remove chalk window signs and decals. If you’re not sure what would benefit from a clean, by all means, get in touch for a quotation. We’ll make sure your business looks spick and span for your customers!

How Often Can I Schedule A Window Clean?

The short answer is as often as you need it. Our clients usually schedule in a clean either weekly, fortnightly or monthly.

Points to consider include the usage type of your building. For example, retail windows or showrooms are prone to picking up a lot of fingerprints on the glass. If you have glass doors with handles, then these will also get a lot of grime on them. The weather can also leave stains on windows, and cobwebs can also form around the frames too.

We carry out several shop runs in the Melbourne metro area involving adjacent or neighbouring storefronts. This allows for a more efficient delivery of our services – a benefit which we pass onto you the customer in the form of a regular service at a reduced rate.

Can’t I Clean My Own Windows?

Technically yes. But it takes skill to do a great job, ensuring all traces of dirt have been removed and no streaks are left behind. Whatsmore, if your windows are located at height then it could be dangerous to clean your own windows. Your employees also won’t be insured for the job either.

When you schedule a regular commercial clean, all of that hassle is removed! We’ll come equipped with the best tools for the job without you having to lift a finger. Your store will then be ready to do business, looking presentable for your customers.

Commercial Cleaning Melbourne

Acorn Window Cleaning has been in business since 1981. We know a thing or two about cleaning windows, especially shop windows and our service is here to help. We are ready and waiting to add you to our client list, offering window cleaning on the same day each week for your convenience.

If you require commercial cleaning in Melbourne, give us a call on 9118 3333. Alternatively, drop us an email with any enquiries and we’ll get back to you.