Risks and Rules for Commercial Window Cleaning

Risks and Rules for Commercial Window CleaningYou’ve probably seen some Youtube videos where window cleaners are strung up high in the air on a platform cleaning massive sky-scraper windows. You know the ones where the wind blows so strongly, they are tossed around like toys? Scary right? It’s almost like a carnival ride without the perks of cotton candy!

Have you ever wondered what it’s like to clean windows at those heights? What safety standards are in place? Or how do commercial building owners go about getting people to do such a challenging job?

These are excellent questions to ask, and there are several things a window cleaning company has to do to provide cleaning services to commercial buildings. Commercial window cleaners have to be special trained to use specific tools. Additionally, city permits and risk assessments need to be completed by the window cleaning company

Office window cleaners also need to carry liability insurance. This way if they or anyone else is injured during the job, medical expenses and damages are covered. As you can probably imagine, there is a lot that goes into commercial window cleaning. Here at Acorn Window Cleaning, we know everything there is to know about window cleaning in Melbourne and we offer complete commercial window cleaning throughout Melbourne.

That being said, let’s explore more on the risks and rules to cleaning high-rise office windows and give you a better idea as to what challenges these professionals undertake.

Special Job, Special Equipment

Just like a residential home, large buildings require window cleaning and maintenance. Unlike residential homes, however, most commercial high-rises don’t have easily accessible windows. A majority of these businesses need more than just a ladder to reach every story of windows.

Some of the necessary equipment a commercial window cleaner uses include:

  • Industrial cleaning solution/liquid
  • Microfiber cleaning cloths
  • Toolbelt
  • Abseiling equipment
  • Water Fed Pole (long reach)

Additionally, every commercial window cleaning company must have properly licensed window cleaners. For window cleaners based in Melbourne, they must have Work Safe occupational health and safety construction induction cards, formerly known as ‘red cards’.

What is Abseiling?

Abseiling is the United Kingdom (UK) term for rappelling. Abseilers are professionally trained and experienced climbers who use specific ropes and grapplers.

Abseiling, like rappelling, is very dangerous and doing it unsupervised can lead to many unwanted mishaps. Only qualified persons should use this method when cleaning windows. The risk of falling and causing personal injury and damage is very high. We strongly recommend contacting a professional window cleaner for situations like this.

As a window cleaning company in Melbourne offering commercial cleaning services, Acorn Window Cleaning is proud to provide abseiling teams for its high-rise clients.

Rise Above it All

High-rise window cleaners take on some of the most challenging scenarios. In fact, commercial window cleaning was once touted to be one of the most dangerous jobs in the world!

When looking for the right office window cleaning company, make sure to ask about the health and safety standards, licensing, and equipment available. Here at Acorn Window Cleaning, our window cleaners have the right training and the right tools to give you nothing but the best window cleaning experience. Call us today for your window cleaning needs!