Why You Shouldn’t Attempt To Clean Your Own Windows

Why you shouldn't attempt to clean your own windowsPollution, the weather not to mention presents from the local bird population can all take its toll on your windows. If your windows don’t look clean, it will make your building look unsightly for all those who use it.

But unlike less labour intensive jobs, cleaning your windows isn’t something that should be attempted by just anyone.

Here are our thoughts on why you shouldn’t attempt to clean your own windows to tell you more.

It Can Be Dangerous

When you notice your windows are looking a little murky, it can be tempting to grab a ladder and bucket of water to take care of them yourself. But, there’s a reason why such a scenario commonly features at the start of medical suspense dramas. That’s because working at height without the proper equipment or training is highly dangerous.

Professional window cleaners on the other hand are trained to use a wide variety of equipment that can involve anything from abseiling to cherry pickers. Or, they can stay on the ground entirely if using a water fed system that can scale up high with zero risk involved. Either way, a professional would never put themselves or anyone else in danger.

You Won’t Achieve Professional Results

In case you didn’t already know, dishwashing liquid isn’t designed to go on windows. Oh, and regular water contains sediment that will leave marks on your window when they dry. Hence why you struggle to achieve a professional result.

Someone who will achieve said professional result is you guessed it: a professional window cleaner. Using pure water that’s free from impurities and the right tools, they will ensure your windows are left spotlessly clean. No streaks, spots, marks or anything that shouldn’t be there just beautifully clean glass.

It’s Time Consuming

A lot of work is involved with home ownership. The constant maintenance and cleaning can take its toll, especially if the only free time you have to clean eats into your family time at the weekend. So don’t do it!

We’re not suggesting forgetting about your windows (or any other areas that need cleaning) altogether, but the even better option of getting someone else to do it instead. It’s possible to schedule a window clean any time that suits you, and this can even include your internal windows, gutters, patio and pool glass too.

Is It Your Employee’s Responsibility?

Window cleaning can be carried out on both residential and commercial buildings. If you’re an employer, you naturally want your building to look its best in front of customers. Windows require a specialist touch regardless of how many storeys high your building is. Employees aren’t qualified or insured for the job, so aren’t tasked to clean them especially if working at a height or with industrial cleaning products.

That’s why you should hire an expert to clean your windows for you, in the form of a commercial window cleaner. They’ll come equipped with the latest technology to make light work of your windows. Plus, the job will be completed to a high standard without having to involve your employees, which they will also be thankful for given it’s not their job.

Window Cleaning Melbourne

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