Sticky Situations: What Can Cause Windows to Stick?

Sticky Situations What Can Cause Windows to StickDo you find yourself having trouble opening a stuck window in your home? Or perhaps it’s always a bit harder to close a particular window after use? Depending on how often you want to open the problematic window, you might consider this sticky situation a daily nuisance or a non-issue. But, just as headaches are indicators of many health issues, so can a stuck window or door be indicative of a bigger problem.

6 Reasons Windows Get Stuck

The possible causes for stuck windows range from minor issues to deeper underlying problems. Some of the most common causes of stuck windows include:

  • Exposure to moisture: Excessive humidity can damage hardware and structures in your home. Timber swells and vinyl warps can make a window stick.
  • Damage to hardware: Windows have many moving parts, especially double-paned ones. If there is damage to the hardware due to blunt force or improper installation, the pieces won’t interlock as well as they should and can get stuck.
  • Extreme temperature changes: If weather conditions expose your home to extreme temperatures – your windows and hardware will be affected. Wood and other materials swell or move over time and with exposure.
  • Foundation problems: One of the worst-case scenarios when dealing with a stuck window is for the foundation to be the cause. A home foundation that has shifted can lead to misaligned walls, doors, and windows.
  • Old paint: Sometimes, the cause of the problem is mundane, such as too many layers of paint on your window frame. If you have repainted the window framing without removing the old paint, it might lead to a stuck window.
  • Lack of maintenance: Lack of maintenance and prolonged accumulation of debris also lead to stuck windows. Older windows, especially those exposed to vegetation, winds, and dust, can get sticky with dirt.

Knowing about the issues that lead to stuck windows will help you make a quicker decision and engage the right professional to fix them.

Can Stuck Windows Break?

Finding the cause of your stuck window might take some time. But many homeowners try to force their windows open and find themselves breaking the glass panes. If the windows have ordinary glass windows instead of tempered ones, the situation can quickly get dangerous.

When trying to open a stubborn window, don’t force it too much. Try to identify the cause of the problem and act according to it. If the issue isn’t easily identifiable, call a repairman.

Avoid Sticky Windows with Professional Window Cleaners

A sticky window can be caused by something as simple as a build-up of grime or too many layers of paint. In most cases, a deep window cleaning from a professional service will resolve your sticky situation.

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