Timber or Aluminium: Which Window is Best for Your Home?

Timber or Aluminium Which Window is Best for Your HomeA home renovation is something that always brings excitement and thrill. It can also involve tons of challenges and decision-making moments. Replacing your windows during this process can be an impactful step in updating your home.

By replacing your windows, you improve the look of your home. You also gain the opportunity to add better light filtration and use energy-saving technology, whilst updating the privacy, noise insulation, and style of your windows. There are many different options when replacing your windows. In this post, we explore two popular choices; timber windows and aluminium windows.

What Are Aluminium Windows?

Aluminium is a lightweight, durable, recyclable, and nice-looking metal that can be painted over and treated. All these qualities make it an excellent choice for window framing as it can be easily moulded to fit standard and custom designs and is easier to maintain than other materials.

3 Benefits of Aluminium Windows

Here are three reasons why you should consider aluminium windows:

  1. Aluminium will not warp, crack, or break when exposed to harsh weather and will maintain its shape over decades. Compared to PVC or timber framing, aluminium is more durable and easier to maintain, only needing basic window cleaning.
  2. Aluminium window frames require minimal maintenance. Timber frames need repainting, staining, anti-mould treatments, fire-resistant treatments, and other steps.
  3. Aluminium windows have a longer lifespan than most other windows, with some lasting as long as 30 years.

What are Timber Windows?

Timber is the most traditional and classic material choice for window framing. People have used timber for centuries in their homes, and have discovered wood to be versatile and adaptable enough for window framing.

Timber windows use specially treated wood to frame your windows and are often the only suitable choice for homeowners who love period homes and traditional looks. But timber is not only good for the sake of nostalgia. They offer distinct benefits as well as being aesthetically pleasing to the eye.

3 Benefits of Timber Windows

Here are some reasons why timber windows have been around for centuries:

  1. Wood has a low heat conductivity rate, which means it will keep your home warm in the winter and cool during summer. Timber successfully insulates your home from the noise, moisture, and temperatures outside.
  2. Timber windows can come in various styles to match your home’s style. There are many wood types to choose from, not to mention you can easily paint or stain wood for a whole new look.
  3. Timber is very environmentally friendly. Timber windows help remove carbon from the air, acting as a natural air-filtration system for your home.

Winning Windows Either Way

No matter what material you select for your window framing, it’s crucial to maintain them properly. One of the best ways to keep your windows in pristine condition is to hire professional window cleaners for periodical maintenance. In or around Melbourne, Acorn Window Cleaning is the premier provider of window cleaning services. We know every type of window and framing and can help you keep your windows clean. Contact us today for a quote and ensure your windows are in pristine condition!