What Causes Condensation On Windows?

What Causes Condensation On WindowsIf there’s one thing that can spoil the look of your beautifully clean windows it’s condensation. Essentially, lots of water droplets form in one spot and are most noticeable when your windows are covered in them. Condensation can collect on your windowsill and potentially run off it if enough water pools together.

Not only is condensation unsightly and a pain to mop up, but it can also contribute towards damp or mould in your home too. But is condensation always a bad sign, and more importantly what causes it exactly? Here is everything you need to know.

Condensation On The Inside Of Windows

The air inside your home is warm and humid. But as the temperature falls either at night or during the colder months, this makes the surface of the glass a much cooler temperature. The windows then attract the warm air which condensates as it lands on the glass. So when you wake up in the morning, the entire window will be covered in water droplets.

Making sure you have the correct windows installed for your building certainly helps, though is a costly fix. In the meantime, ensuring your property has good ventilation is of huge benefit. This also includes installing an extractor fan in areas where you shower or cook, since such activities will add excess moisture into the air. Allowing your windows to be open where possible will also encourage a better flow of air through the property.

Condensation On The Outside Of Windows

If you notice condensation on the outside of your windows, it doesn’t mean that they are faulty. Instead, it’s a good sign that your windows are actually doing their job, since the air on the inside is warmer, and the outside pane is much cooler. It’s common to notice condensation on the outside of newer windows in particular, since these will be the most energy-efficient types.

There isn’t a lot you can do to prevent this, and when the morning sun hits the window the condensation will gradually clear on its own. Alternatively, when you are having your windows cleaned the excess water will be wiped away. During warmer months, you likely won’t have any such problems as it’s only really noticeable in colder weather.

Condensation Within The Window Glass Itself

Any moisture within the two panes of glass is a problem that needs fixing and is likely caused by a seal failure. You will notice this problem if the look of condensation remains, despite attempting to wipe the inside and the outside of the glass.

The good news is that a failed seal doesn’t mean the entire windows need to be replaced, only the glass within the windows. It can be a costly job (around $200-$350 per window) but not as expensive as an entire refit of your double glazing, aluminium or wooden windows.

Find Out More

While sorting your condensation isn’t always straightforward, getting your windows cleaned is if you book in for a regular residential window clean, commercial window clean or even a high rise window clean.

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