Is Window Cleaning As Easy As It Looks?

Is windows cleaning as easy as it looksWe’ve all caught sight of a window cleaner at work, either when glancing out of the window or when we’ve scheduled a window clean for our own property. If you’ve ever thought about how easy their job must be, you’re not alone.

But, the reality is that only the very best professionals make a job look easy because it takes skill and knowledge developed through years of practice, to complete the task to such a high standard.

Window cleaning involves removing stubborn stains on glass that are often located at height, adding even more complexity to the job. So is it really as easy as it looks? Here’s what’s involved to tell you more.

Choosing The Right Tools

The quality of any window clean rests on which tools you select for the job. Factors to consider are the glass type, stain type and the location of the windows.

Window cleaning tools can include:

  • Belts
  • Buckets
  • Cloths
  • Cobweb dusters
  • Liquid solution (various kinds)
  • Pads
  • Pure water fed cleaning
  • Scrapers
  • Squeegees
  • T bar washers

Even within these categories, getting the correct item type and size for the particular window and stain requires practical knowledge. Taking post-construction window cleaning (also known as a ‘builders clean’ as an example. If you attempt to remove the likes of paint, concrete or plaster from your windows with the wrong tools or method, you can easily damage the glass beyond repair.

Regular window cleaning isn’t exempt from being subjected to the wrong tools either. That’s because you can easily make the job far more difficult if you don’t know how to perfect the cleaning of glass. Some people even use dishwashing liquid, which is a complete no-no for professionals. That is unless you enjoy the thought of standing there all day trying to rinse the endless bubbles you just created. Nope, us neither.

Removing Stains

The nature of windows is that they are transparent pieces of glass. While these properties allow light to flood onto your rooms making your property habitable, it also means any stains will easily show up – especially when the sun is shining directly through the glass.

The exact stains a window can accumulate include fingerprints, smears, weather marks, plant debris, bird droppings, building materials and more. Attempting to remove all stain types with the exact same method can be likened to a doctor trying to treat every patient with the same medication… it’s just not going to work!

Instead, a professional window cleaner will identify the correct solution, tools and application method to remove whatever stain they are faced with. That will ensure your glass is not only left sparkling clean but isn’t subjected to damage in the process.

Working At Height

Most people feel confident enough to clean windows located on the ground floor of their property. But what about the first floor where you may be a few meters up high, or worst still windows on high rise buildings?

There are over 530,000 injuries in Australia every year that require hospitalisation, with 42% of these injuries being related to falls. If you don’t want to join these statistics, then not attempting any work at height including windows is extremely good practice.

Professional window cleaners are IRATA trained. This means they have undergone extensive training on how to work at height via abseil window cleaning, ensuring the safety of themselves and those on the ground.

Achieving A Perfect Finish

The aim of cleaning windows is to make the glass look as good as new. But, if you’re not privy to the best tools and techniques, it’s unlikely the results will match those of a professional. So in essence, you went through all that hassle only to come inside and see your windows have streaks and missed bits.

This is probably the biggest area of window cleaning that certainly isn’t as easy as it looks. If the windows are located in an awkward position with limited access, you may have to settle for a partial clean, which just isn’t good enough. That’s just one of the reasons why window cleaning is best left to the experts.

Can You Clean My Windows For Me?

The short answer is yes! If our above information on the realities of window cleaning has made you realise the job is best left to the professionals, then you’re in the right place.

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