Window Cleaning For Apartment Blocks

What Are IRATA Trained Window CleanersAn advantage of living in an apartment are the stunning views you get out of the window. If your windows are clean, that is!

As you may have noticed, cleaning your windows if your home or even commercial office space is located up high isn’t so easy. In fact, it can be very dangerous to even attempt doing so, which is why professional window cleaning is advised.

High rise window cleaning is just one of the many services we provide here at Acorn Window Cleaning. Here’s everything you need to know to guide you.

High Rise Window Cleaning: An Overview

High rise window cleaning originally began in New York in the 19th century. It was at this time that the city began building its now infamous skyscrapers. The only trouble was, how could the building owners keep the windows clean, when they were completely out of reach?

Long before IRATA training which is the industry standard for window cleaning, window cleaners would hang out of the windows with very little if any safety protection. Thankfully, those days have long gone. Now high rise window cleaning is carried out in cities across the world using specialist equipment to safely raise and lower window cleaners, in addition to using rope access.

Today, high rise window cleaning remains a popular service for apartment owners, businesses, public buildings and many more. It’s something Acorn Windows personally carries out for buildings across the Melbourne area.

What Does High Rise Window Cleaning Involve?

Similar to any cleaning job, your windows and if applicable the frames will be thoroughly cleaned. The difference is how we go about such a job since regular window cleaning equipment is designed for much smaller heights of under 10 meters.

Instead, we used a technique known as abseil window cleaning. As the same suggests, this involves using abseils to harness our team into place. This means they are safe and secure while they work with every precaution taken to ensure that’s the case.

All of our team are IRATA trained, meaning they are qualified in rope access. Also, the buildings we work on must have certified access points to ensure safety.

We can schedule a window clean as often as it’s needed. Just like regular windows, high rise windows will be prone to marks from pollution, bad weather or bird droppings. That’s why it’s a good idea to schedule a window clean so that your building will always look clean and professional for visitors. After all, if the windows are high up, it will be impossible to clean them yourself!

High Rise Window Cleaning Melbourne

Take all of the hassle out of window cleaning by getting Melbourne’s number one window cleaning company on your side. Acorn Window Cleaning services several property types including high rise buildings.

If you’d like a visit from our team, organising a window clean couldn’t be simpler.

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