Window Gardens: What Are They and Why Have One?

Window Gardens What Are They and Why Have OneGardening might not be everyone’s hobby but being surrounded by plants benefits any of us. Plants can be highly decorative, purify the air, feed us and add a touch of colour to a home. Window gardening has been around for centuries and involves planting your garden right by the window. For those who live in apartments, it can be a life-saver, but it works for any housing type.

What is A Window Garden?

Window gardening follows a simple, intuitive principle: plants love sunlight. Naturally, it would be ideal for you to put your indoor plants as close to the windows as possible. A window garden is an organised area around your windows that uses the space efficiently to give your plants natural light and display their beauty. Enough growth and harvesting space are also crucial for gardeners who plant vegetables or herbs. Window cleaning should be a priority to ensure your window garden grows healthy with access to lots of light.

Types of Window Gardens

Depending on the structure of your windowsills, the space you have, and what you want to plant, you can choose from different window garden styles.

Window boxes

Window boxes can be on the inside or the outside of the window. They are sturdy and easy to reach, perfect for flowers or herbs. If you want to plant flowers, go with petunias, begonias, impatiens, or zinnias. You can also plant herbs or grow cacti, as they don’t need much root space.

Window ledge

If you have a deep windowsill, you can place different boxes, pots, and containers along its length. Gardening stores sell containers that have the perfect dimensions for narrow spaces. When using your window ledge for a garden, make sure that all containers have proper drainage to prevent leaks and water stains.

Garden window

This specialised window acts like a miniature greenhouse and can shelter many different pots and containers. The plants will receive plenty of light and be displayed vibrantly and beautifully. Choosing a garden window with an awning panel is best to ventilate the area and adequately oxygenate your plants.

Window shelves

If you have large windows with no sill space, you can place an open back shelf unit in front of it. It will perfectly support your beautiful plants and give you room to add more decorative elements. Choose various pot types to create an eclectic and natural look.

Keep It Green, Keep it Clean

As you can tell, there are plenty of options for indoor window gardening. Check the conditions in your home, decide what plants you want to grow, and adapt your space for them. The sky’s the limit with home decor and plant growing. You can visit gardening stores and websites for tips about plant growing.

You should also engage professional window cleaners at least once every 1-2 years to ensure that the dirt and grime on your windows don’t affect your plant growth. Acorn Window Cleaning is the premier window cleaning company in Melbourne and the surrounding areas. Get in touch with us today for a no-obligation consultation on your window cleaning needs!