Window Maintenance Tips for Dealing with Scratched Glass

Window Maintenance Tips for Dealing with Scratched Glass

Scratches are one of the worst things that can happen to a window. They tend to stand out much more on windows compared to on other surfaces, and it is hence especially important for you to maintain the scratch-free windows in your home for maximum aesthetic appeal. In this post, we take a closer look at some of the ways that you can deal with scratched windows.

Understanding Common Causes of Scratched Glass

Prevention is always better than cure, and for that reason, it is important to understand the common causes of scratched window glass so that you can avoid unintentionally damaging your windows. Some of the most common causes of scratches on windows include:

Abrasive Cleaning Materials

One of the most common reasons that glass windows end up getting scratched is that homeowners accidentally use abrasive cleaning materials to clean their windows. This can result in multiple small abrasions on your windowpanes, which can build up over time and become more obvious.

Environmental Factors

Environmental factors are also another leading cause of window scratches. Things such as sand and grit can cause scratches to the outside of your windows if they are blown against your windows during storms. Additionally, larger debris, such as branches from falling trees, may also produce scratches on your windows if they brush past your windows.

Assessing the Severity of Scratches

If your windows have already been scratched, then the first step to dealing with them is to assess the severity of the scratches. If the scratches are deep enough and easily visible to the naked eye, then it may be a good idea to engage a professional glass repair company. Professional glass repairmen can use polishing and buffing tools to remove these scratches from your windows. For scratches that are too deep and cannot be removed, it might also be necessary for you to get your windows replaced, although this can typically be a very costly solution.

DIY Solutions for Lighter Scratches

You may be able to remove certain lighter scratches or scuffs on your own using certain DIY solutions. One popular solution that you can use for getting rid of scuffs and polishing the glass of your windows is to gently buff the scuffed portion of the glass using a soft microfibre cloth and white, non-gel toothpaste.

This method works because toothpaste is naturally slightly abrasive and has cleaning properties, so using it to buff your glass can help get rid of the lighter marks on your glass. Nonetheless, if you opt to use this method, ensure that you spot-test the method on a small part of your window to ensure that it is suitable for your window and does not accidentally damage it.

Keeping Your Windows Clean with a Professional Cleaning

The best way to ensure that your windows aren’t accidentally damaged during the window cleaning process is to engage a professional window cleaning company. Professional window cleaners have the skills and expertise to get your windows looking as good as new without damaging the glass. Acorn Window Cleaning is the number one provider of commercial window cleaning services in Melbourne. Contact us today for more information!

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